Thursday, July 7, 2011

there is something so gratifying about working hard for the things you get. A sense of accomplishment a feeling of complete satisfaction. Just knowing that all the hours you put into something gave back so much more in return. I just paid for all of my tuition with my own money and i bought a car with my own money. It's an addicting feeling really, so enticing. exciting... I like it very much. I like watching my bank account grow and then when it does shrink  knowing its for something completely worth it makes it ok. I always used to spend my money on fast food and junk that is super unhealthy or unnecessary ..not gratifying at all. It just gives you a fat butt,curdely stomach and junk. haha I feel like i've become much wiser about money and work ethic which of course is a good thing. And really, my parents have been telling me for ages about this whole work ethic thing and saving money not wasting it etc etc.. funny how really a lot of the time parents are actually right. Thanks mom and pops you're advice is top notch. :)

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