Thursday, September 29, 2011


you know, i thought that by now id have caught up my blog on this past year
...but as you can tell that hasn't happened yet..
you know what has happened though?
my dearest kindred friend is now a Mrs. 
and roaming the streets of New York with her forever love. 
and i have a puppy named Mika 
who is the sweetest funniest pain in the bum you could get. 
i adore her.
and the 4 best friends have now become the 5 best friends Mrs Tiana is just sensational
and i applied to go do international service in Africa..i hope it will work out.
then there is this sweet gentleman who is back in Utah..which is wonderful
I'm going to school at UVU and loving it (although i still have trouble with homework)
I wish i could just put every memory on this blog in an instant but then again 
that would take away the reminiscing  aspect of writing down a memory..which i love
so eventually pictures will come and i will capture my memories here on this little blog of mine.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm super sick. but getting better.. :)
stupid dang flabberghastly awful stomach flu. 
but now that im somewhat functional..
blogging seemed like a good idea.
we'll see how well this goes over 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

lovely && such

rabbit hunting.. :) so fun
Halloween party
walking around down town Rexburg..its quaint 
going to the caves
sunday football parties 
clean checks! 
my roommates
the park i was in looove with
the gardens
country dancing
the skate park.
running through sprinklers when it was 50 degrees out!
crazy fun and meeting some of the best people ...ever!
I loved first semester. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

catching up on my blogging...oh snapple berry and apples. part one :)

Its 9:57 and I have my History homework due In 2 hours and 2 minutes.
But...I had this itching to blog, and its been so I simply couldn't resist.
I miss writing my thoughts, I miss capturing my thoughts by typing them into a new post.
Needles to say I really couldn't resist..and homework will just have to wait. 
yay to being a procrastinator ;)

This past year has been the craziest most trying and eventful year I think of my life. 
It has for sure been the most hard and difficult yet the most sweet and tender and rewarding year. 
Today makes exactly one year since I drove up to BYU-I to start my first year of college. 

I never really blogged about it. I looked like this:

Not my most attractive photo..but it perfectly describes how leaving for my first semester felt.
I'm wearing my dear friend Williams jacket because I missed him already.
He and I have have a pretty wonderful friendship and have been dear friends for quite a while 
and I  wasn't to sure what I would do with out him a minute away.

The car is packed to the brim with the things I swore I needed.
 Including: DI plates, pans, silverware ect.
roller blades
ALL my clothes
 the random knick knacks I couldn't leave behind
 and of course my rabbie. yes, I took my rabbie with me 
My stuffed rabbit I've had since I can remember. 

I remember getting to my apartment and being very unsure.
I didn't feel i was quite ready for school. and I still don't think I was. 
But I am so glad I went when I did. 

I ended up having the most amazing roommates and we were like a family.
We were all so close and I love those girls to death.
Anna, Masey, Bryndi, Chelsea and Cassi

We had fun.. :) yes that is whip cream.

having awesome roommates helped a lot my first semester. I would have had a lot
harder of a time than i did if i didn't have these awesome girls as my roommates.
There was also Mr. David, who I started dating in October.. Who helped me more than anyone else.

First semester i grew..a lot and learned a ton. I met wonderful people. and had a wonderful time..even when it was was worth it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

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