Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life is changing...and I'm trying my best to keep up.

Its been so long since I've really written and so much has happened.
I'm not living at home any more
I'm not even in Utah anymore.
I have five roommates
And I live in Idaho.

I am going to college at BYU-I
I am taking 5 classes and love them.

I have had to leave the people I love most
And I miss them know who you are.

But on the bright side I've met some wonderful people up here
Really i adore it up here I love the people and the atmosphere.
I always am doing one thing or another and its an exciting new adventure.

Latin dancing
Grocery shopping for the first time
realizing how fast money goes
having my own kitchen (sorta)
Meeting people
Riding an mechanical bull..

Oh goodness

But how I miss my best friends.
The week before I left Sarah dear stayed with me a couple days.
William and I went to the temple everyday.
Sarah and I put hemp in our hair
And roller bladed and did yoga at midnight.
Sar Saria and I rafted down the Provo river..
It was amazing

Those girls saved me and I'm so grateful for them.
He came over on Friday.
I couldn't take it..I almost threw up.
I snuck out and met up with Sar and Saria.
Didn't go home till I absolutely had to..
Those two are amazing and the best friends anyone could ask for.

They just really made me feel so much better.
We played with spray paint
danced and did yoga.
Sang the night away till four in the morning.

Friday was also Natalie's birthday, My baby sister is growing up so so fast.
So is my other baby sister. Natalie turned ten and i surprised her at school with
candy and a balloon. She was so happy. Then we took her to get her ears pierced.
What a big girl she's becoming, I swear though, she is trying to grow up to fast.
She's just like me in so many ways. I love her so much.

Then other baby sister, she is in high school now!
I really can't believe it. She loves high school.
And I'm so happy for her. I went to her high school orientation with her.
I complained the whole time but really i wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

That day I also hung out with William all day, we cleaned out his car.
And did things..but i don't remember what else..I think we hung out with Bronwen.
Yes yes..that was it. We hung out with Bronwen. 

Saturday night was good to.
Saturday was just the perfect way to end my last day in Provo.

Now here i am at BYU Idaho 
And one week has already gone by.
Crazy how time flies and how fast people change and grow.
Sarah finished yoga school
and here i am starting college working on applying for the nursing program.

I've met some great people. My roommates
These two really nice guys.
Some other guys from our ward and some we met at the park.

Oh goodness the park. Porter park. It's my haven.
I love it. If Sarah were here i know we'd be there all the time
Or William. William and I went to the park almost everyday.
He is such a wonderful best friend..

Family is great to.
My mom and i went shopping before i left
for tons of college things. 
It was great.

Sarah and i also roller bladed the Provo canyon 
it was amazing.
next time we plan on roller blading the canyon...
hand cuffed to each other.
We're crazy haha..

Our adventures..we could make a book.

I'm so excited for life right now. I adore it..
But sometimes i really wish i could stay in the past while moving into my future.
I feel so young. And so not ready to grow up.
But it's coming so fast, sometimes it really just gets me.

Life never does slow down and that's why it's so important to live in every opportunity 
take every chance and be the person you love most.
Don't waste a second...

Living laughing and learning.
Its all about learning how to dance in the rain.
Instead of waiting for the storm to pass.

And taking things for what they are.
Not worrying.

Letting the pieces fall where they may..
Its so hard sometimes though.
I wish at times i could shout out my thoughts..
Those ones i don't share..

What a freeing feeling that would give.
But scary at the same time..I'd be exposed.
And that's not something I'm willing to risk.

I guess there is just one thought i keep in.
But i feel like it's very important that i do.
because if it came out it could possibly ruin.
this thing that i hold really dear. 

I'm rambling..

i do that so much.
But there's no better place to ramble than on a blog.
that's for sure.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sar And I :)

We finally did it!! 
We hemped our hair!

And then today we're gonna go to 
roller blade in the canyon!!

And done! 
I love you Sar!

The William & Nicole Adventures

just some things we've been up to.
going to the temple and the park
and to Bronwens to play cards and eat brownies and such :)
oh! and taking his mission pictures to send in!!

he's such a goof ball

( He said "hey if I stand by this book shelf it will make me look super smart")

then here's from when we went to the temple.

(sleepy boy) 

(this one is funny) 
he's such a wierdo

(oops zoomed in!)

(he's always making a dumb face)

(this ones a bit better)

Then some pictures I took at the temple
of the grounds

(this little guy was just so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture)

Then at Bronwens lovely home
(I don't think he gets that you drink out of a tea cup..and that you don't eat it)

We had such a great time, I taught Bronwen how to shuffle cards all fancy..
tried to teach William..he's not that talented with cards i guess.
Cuz they ended up all over the floor..

Then William and I at the Park :)
we swung on the swings and watched many a clouds.
And we climbed the rope thing. and my phone 
committed a suicide jump..

and William got a kick out of pinning me and tickling me..
That boy is gonna get it one day.
(there's that dumb face again haha)

(I'm scared...)

He's such a dork :)

The other day we saw the funniest thing.
This car had a nice legit bike rack on the back of the car..
and guess what they put on it instead of a bike..

Yep! hahahahaha toooo funny :)

the other day my fam and I went way up into the mountains
it was so so gorgeous!
loved it :)

It rained, hailed and was sunny all with in twenty minutes.

here's some pictures 

hehe..this made me laugh we passed it on our way up into the mountains

naked anyone?

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