Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where I lived and worked In Alabama

 My Apartment Building
 My Kitchen
 And living room (the couch was sooo comfy!)
 Living room again
 My Room, I pushed the two beds together to make a bigger bed..but sometimes i fell between them :)
 My toilet
 And my lovely bath was nice :)

 The pool Area
The pool..I loved it. (We had a gym to)
 My funky magnetic key to my apartment
 My office station
The rest of the office room

I worked a lot..60-80 hours a week.
But it was all soooo worth it.
I loved living here.
i always find myself blogging when I'm supposed to be doing homework. But what the heck, i want to blog. I have found a new love in Joshua Radin..and his musical talents and Andrew Lipkye..and Tracy Chapman..and and and..I could go on and on. Thank heavens for Pandora. I find so much of the music I love through Pandora. Sometimes i don't know where the heck i'm going or what I'm going to do or how the heck i'm even going to do it! But some how some way it always works out. And things that seemed impossible became possible. Ain't it crazy how life works? The time part is especially crazy. One day you're in High school the next you're in your third semester of college. You've loved and lost and your best friend gets married and two other dear friends are a cousin. Love is in the air? A dear missionary is going to be home in T-minus 61 days (i counted today).. :) Where does the time go? I wish i had more time, or that i didn't get tired or have to sleep...such a waste of time. Unless I have a lovely dream then it becomes quite fun. It's winter here..ouch i hate the cold i just want to hibernate every winter. I get sooo sleepy I looked up the weather for Mobile today 80 degrees..I wish i were back there. I miss it so much. Bikinis and beaches and ocean and palm trees...I miss that so much. Last night i dreamed about the beach..Can you tell I miss it? I do..

I miss this.

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